Tuesday, November 16, 2010


1)SOC 1 ==>Misspeld of DD statement/Suscript Error.
2)SOC 4 ==>Storage protection Error.When your pgm is trying to store the data in memory that is not allocated.
3)SOC 7==>If u r trying to move the Numeric data into the NON-Numeric Field.
4)S222 ==> Operater cancelld the job,It may be improperly accessing a magnetic tape.
5)S322===>Time Out error.Due to the end less loop in your program.STEP time exceeded.
6)S522===>Time out error. JOB time exceeded than the specified time.
7)S804===>It is due to the lack of virtual storage.Increase the region parameter.
8)S806===>is an error that usually means you are not able to load or link in another
9)  SB37==>End of the volume,no furthur volumes are specified.
10)SD37==>Secondary space not specified,primery space filled.
11)SE37==>Both primary and secondary space filled.

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